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Kikusui Karakuchi Dry Honjozo 菊水の辛口

Kikusui Karakuchi Dry Honjozo 菊水の辛口

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This is the Honjozo style sake with added distilled alcohol. Another
popular category of standard class sake that all the sake drinker loves.
The captivating smoothness and crisp dry finish pair well with grilled
type of food. Enjoyable in chilled but warming it up will make it
creamier and drier.

日本當地超人氣的辛口酒,亦是菊水酒造的招牌本釀造。 淡淡的旨香味,入口順滑而有清爽的辛口感。適合配搭燒烤, 火鍋或較濃味的料理,一支配食可去肥膩感的清酒。 推薦冷飲,但温熱後口感更加柔和,辛口感亦有奇妙的轉變。

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