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Osato Umaigaichiban Natto ❄️ オーサト うまいが一番(小粒) 4パック

Osato Umaigaichiban Natto ❄️ オーサト うまいが一番(小粒) 4パック

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A pure Japanese style taste.

Each package contains natto, fermented soybeans, a sachet of seasoning and a sachet of mustard, karashi.

Open the package, mix well and add the karashi and sauces, mix well again and it is ready to eat with white rice.

Ingredients: soybeans, Natto bacillus, soy sauce (soybeans, wheat, salt), hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, glucose-fructose syrup mixed with sugar, seasonings, fructose-glucose syrup, brewer's vinegar, salt, seasoning mirin, bonito broth 0.41%, sugar, mustard, acidifier E296, alcohol, turmeric oleoresin, thickener E415

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