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Itsuki Ramen Hokkaido Yuzu Shio flavor 172g いつきラーメン北海道ゆずしお味

Itsuki Ramen Hokkaido Yuzu Shio flavor 172g いつきラーメン北海道ゆずしお味

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General informations:

A delicious ramen soup ready in minutes ! This package contains everything you need to prepare a portion of fantastic tagliatelle with a unique broth thanks to the addition of sweetened salt which makes this ramen unique and truly irresistible in taste . All you need then are your favorite meat and vegetable toppings and serve everything in a large bowl for perfect ramen !


Pasta, wheat flour, water, salt, acidity regulators (E500 E339 E501). Broth preparation: salt, sesame oil powder (sesame dextrin), flavor enhancers: E621, E631, E635, hydrolysed proteins (wheat), sugar, spices (garlic, onion, dextrin), soy sauce powder (soya , wheat, salt), kombu algae extract, shrimp extract (crustaceans), cuttlefish extract (molluscs), fish extract, yeast extract, thickener: E415, coloring: E150a, spice extract (pepper, thickener: E414 ).

How to prepare it:

1) Cook the noodles in 500ml of boiling water for 2 and 1/2 minutes, stirring gently.

2) Remove from heat. Add the soup base and mix well.

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