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Sato Kirimochi Rice Cake 400g サトウの切り餅

Sato Kirimochi Rice Cake 400g サトウの切り餅

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Mochi to cook (Rice cakes).

Enjoy one of the most popular Japanese desserts: unleash your imagination while cooking it, adding your favorite sweet filling to the product, such as sweet red bean jam ( azuki ) and sugar soy sauce.

Read our blog to find out more about Mochi and to have fun with the Isobe-Yaki Mochi Recipe !

Warning: Mochi is a dessert with a particular consistency for Western palates, it is very chewy and sticky.

We remind you to chew very well before consuming: pay particular attention if served to children and the elderly, preferring small and easily swallowable pieces to avoid unpleasant accidents.

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